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Ever wondered how a brand or product gets to feature in a TV show or series?


Branded television is a new and exciting evolution of content broadcasting. It allows brands to embed itself in TV content and enjoy a third party endorsement by a host, series expert or story.



BSTV belongs to award winning company BSTV PTY LTD which produces branded television for broadcasters in Australia, harnessing the power of television believability with subtle advertising.

From travel shows, lifestyle formats, to speciality one-off content, branded TV really does get results in a way that convential advertising can't.


You're being endorsed on TV seamlessly, whilst the viewer is in a relaxed state of mind and enjoying the programming content. Your brand is demonstrated and explored in a manner which is much more genuine than a 30 second TVC. This really is harnessing the power of 'word of mouth'


Acclaimed lifestyle series Healthy Homes TV Australia and the much loved pet and animal series- Animal Extra! is produced by BSTV and both are broadcast on Network TEN across Australia. Brands pay for product integration and the return on investment is astonishing. 




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